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  • Silk Bondage Rope
  • Silk Bondage Rope

Silk Bondage Rope

Артикул: snobdsmdesigns-SilkRope

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Silk Rope™:

Custom manufactured rope specifically for bondage and/or suspension.

8mm diameter
8 Braid Plait
Silky soft to the touch, but strong enough for suspension
Colour will not fade

Other information:
It does not float
Slightly stretchy
Retains its strength when wet
Melting Point 240 degrees Celsius
UV resistant
Will only lose 10% of its breaking strength after 2 years of outdoor use
Non-conductive to electricity
Bleach will weaken the rope, so no bleaching

Strength and Weight Stats:
1metre of 8mm diameter rope holds 1000kg’s (on average)
(Information received from manufacturer)

Currently available in:
Black, Purple and Red (other colours available upon request)
Available in any length required.

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