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  • Automatic Sex Machine
  • Automatic Sex Machine
  • Automatic Sex Machine
  • Automatic Sex Machine

Automatic Sex Machine

Артикул: sexmachinesen-2

  • Состояние: Новое
  • Статус: Готово
  • Индивидуальный заказ: Только стандарт

  • Сандерленд, Великобритания
  • По всему миру
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This amazing power sex machine supplies endless fun to your playtime. Enjoy this kind of toy by yourself or with others - just install the dildo or vagina cup, then turn it on, then adjust the intensity of the thrusting speed by using the simple knob. You can also adjust the angle. The unit is compact and light.The machine has four suction cups to secure it to a smooth surface.Get ready to enjoy unbelievable hands-free pleasure!

Efficacy:Through telescopic twitch massage female sensitive areas, endocrine regulation of treatment, aim to improve the quality of sexual life

Power Input: 110V-240V 50-60HZ
Output:DC 12-24V 1~2V
Speed: 0-450 Times/Minute
Back and Forth Part Move Distance:6.5cm
Adjusting Angle: About 85 degree
Machine dimensions: Approx 14.6*7.1*5.9inches
Dildo Size:7 inches, Diameter 1.38inches
1 x Sex Machine
1 x Power Supply
1 x Extension Tube
1 x Standard Dildo (Length 7.1inches, Dia 1.4inches)
1 x Bead Anal dildo
1 x Reverse Scale Anal dildo
1 x Flexible Dildo
1 x User manaul

1*It's necessary to use some lubricant,to improve your sexual experience
2*Please use 1% Benzalkonium,Bromide or 75% medical alcohol to disinfect,before you use it.
3*In order to facilitate cleaning and sanitation, suggestions to wear a condom on the penis ban minors use!
4*Do not let the dildo go too deep,or try to get hold of it,pull it back whenever it stoped, it would pick up speed again..
5*Please wash all the accessories before you use it,there may some smell,it will gone after wash it,if you care much about that, please think it over before place your order.
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