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Hi, I am Edy :)

"Eduardo Rocca" has been my pseudonim for a long time and I guess it was just natural for me at some point to turn it into a brand. Me and my partner decided to turn it into a business.

I love art and I love creating things that have never been done before. When I came across with 3D printing technology I knew we would be able to express our creative ideas in an unique new way. We are inspired by fashion, sex, high-tech and thinking outside of the box.

Every single item from our store is hand-painted by me with love and excitement. The main material I have chosen to use in our 3D prints is eco-friendly: PLA. That’s because it’s a bioplastic derived from renewable materials such as corn, sugarcane, or tapioca. PLA is not without its issues, true, but unlike other plastics, it’s not based on petroleum and requires less energy to produce.

And do not pass our store: more new and unique items are coming in soon and I am sure you will find your new favourite product here.