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Love is in the air!

Falling in love with Vintage and hand made is what Cupid’s Closet is all about…

Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves:

I’m Neville Reid and I have the heart of a warrior and it is my mission to hunt until I find rare and vintage treasures. My warrior’s heart is captivated by beauty and delights in finding treasures that are unique and elegant. With a keen sense of sight I am able to recognize snippets of vintage beauty that others often leave behind. It is my mission to unite you with splendid apparel and accessories that will enhance your look and have people falling in love with your unique style.

My lovely wife Robin is mesmerized with beauty and it is her creative ability to fashion gorgeous hand made items that tingles the hearts of many. She possesses the ability to hand make intimate apparel and accessories that pricks the heart and elicits delight. She can also work with you to create personalized creations that will satisfy your most intimate desires.

Our combined efforts give Cupid’s Closet an eclectic look and feel. We hope you will enjoy your visit to our unique vintage and creative world of beauty.

Thanks for stopping by Cupid’s Closet:

A place where rare and beautiful collides!

Yours truly

Neville and Robin Reid