27 March, 2018

Fetish maniac. The Beginning

Hi. My name is Vyacheslav. I am the founder of this website and with this post I'm starting the blog in which i'll be speaking of FetishManiac.

FetishManiac is a platform for BDSM enthusiasts

FetishManiac is primarly a place for BDSM enthusiasts. Being a person who is close to BDSM, I would definitely like to create a platform dedicated to BDSM, that would embrace all realms and aspects of this side of life, but in the beginning I'm putting an effort into the concept of a marketplace: buyers and sellers find each other.

So what is FetishMarket for?

A person who has been looking for custom devices knows for certain that at the moment creators of fetish- sell their stuff on eBay, Amazon, Etsy,, even etc. And it's awful!

BDSM, fetish, sex are what always should maintain intimacy, mystery, aesthetic and closure. What closure can we talk about if aesthetically unreal high quality whip on my laptop screen is shown alongside a soft wool toy for a kid? (it happens so if you're on Etsy or Avito)

I want for BDSM enthusiasts to have their own platform in the world of devices. Not Etsy, not a small piece of information field in the depth of eBay but its own fully organized website. Coming to this website buyer knows he will find here a custom chastity belt or engraved handcuffs or may order themselves a unique cage. Seller knows he has a convenient platform where he can sell his stuff. Isn't it worth coming alive?

Besides, surfing the internet I stumble across many websites of various BDSM and fetish manufacturers who produce very impressive devices or attributes. And their websites look awful. Yes, I may find Dungeon worth checking out, but still... I want manufacturers of BDSM devices to think only of how to create their own things. And in addition to this they could just go to FetishManiac and in a couple of clicks start selling their BDSM, fetish or sex stuff. Amazing!

Who is FetishManiac for?

Two conditions:

  • you must be over 21
  • you're not breaking the law

There is no further restrictions. You may be an owner/manufacturer of sex stuff or a girl who wants to sell your worn lingerie or anyone else - here  everyone is welcomed!

And above all, FetishManiac is for everyone who's looking for it!

It's free BDSM platform

Anything that the website provides is available to all users without any restrictions. And it all comes for free.

The most precious thing there is

The only valuable thing a platform may contain is its users - you. And it will always be this way. All I'm asking of you is the maximum feedback - only so FetishManiac will manage to get better and more convenient for everyone.

Verbitsky Vyacheslav, FetishManiac