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Leather is the next best thing to bacon. Duh!

It was when I began purchasing bondage gear that it quickly occurred to me: Wow, this stuff is made of cheesy leather and it's expensive. That's when I set up my own leather workshop and ceased buying from other vendors.

My "sissy maid" leather bondage gear line was something I created in the 90s for special, select customers in my shop. The rest is history. Also, I was the first BDSM leatherworker to create a line of restraints and slave collars constructed of suede with leather strapping.

You may find similar (copied) designs, but they sure the hell aren't made with my 24 years of experience, and attention to detail. ;) You might want my stuff because it's made the old-fashioned way: It's cut, it's glued, it's *machine stitched*; it's hand-punched and riveted. (You don't want leathergoods that aren't stitched/only glued; they'll come apart.)

Your order will be delicious, or else it won't leave my workshop, because I'm a perfectionist. I take just as much pride in my customer service relations as I do my work. I consider your patronage a very special honor. *ohhhmm* ♥