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Art with a Human Touch: Erotic Lifecast Sculptures

The human body is a beautiful form with which all can relate. My ambition is to create pieces that focus on the communication contained in a form, even a body part. Through evolution and our social traditions, we have been tuned to send and react to these messages attaching expectation or even ownership. I want to frame those messages and incite the viewer to hear them, or question their validity.

A living person is the canvas for lifecasting. A mold is made of a person and then cast capturing amazing detail. Creating the process to fulfil a specific vision for a piece, and the ultimate realism it can produce, inspires me. My goal is to be the best lifecaster I can be and increasingly incorporate sculpture and other media in my work.

I am proud of my work, check out my store. You will not find anything quite like it elsewhere.


I am a sculpture artist living in Huntsville Alabama. An artist my entire life I have worked in many mediums including pencil, pen, paint, photography, and sculpture. I use the technical expertise I have gained from working in the aerospace industry for more than 30 years in my Lifecasting. My work is predominately erotic with several themes including Greek, burlesque, and commentaries on sexuality.

2018 The Dirty Show, Detroit Michigan, February 9 - 16
2018 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Seattle Washington, April 27-29
2018 Birmingham Erotic Art Fair, Birmingham Alabama, June 9
2019 The Dirty Show, Detroit Michigan, February 8 - 16
2019 Birmingham Erotic Art Fair, Birmingham Alabama, June 29
2019 Mahoney Erotic Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 1, 2019 – August 1, 2020
2019 London Erotic Art Exhibition, London UK, October 24-27, 2019
2020 The Dirty Show, Detroit Michigan, February 7 - 15

2016-Present Business Owner 3D Perceptions
Created in 2016 to sell erotic sculptures, do-it-yourself kits, Lifecasting services, and classes. Established an international clientele selling over approximately 100 pieces a year through Etsy, stand-alone website, exhibitions.